Zoo|Demon Hybrid Deck – Midrange

Versatile midrange deck that has some good early game potential. It can come back from a massive board disadvantage pretty well with the right combos; I’ve had some luck Shadowflaming a Voidwalker, wiping the enemy’s minions and getting a Doomguard from the Voidwalker’s deathrattle ability. It can take down some pretty large enemies if you have a Power Overwhelming at your disposal as well. It can be beneficial to take some extra damage from your opponent and waiting until they have more minions out in play before you drop down your Shadowflame, but this deck is a little risky so you gotta make sure you have a plan to get back some life lost if you allow your life to drop down too low. Overall the deck has some really good synergy and it’s one of my favorites. But be warned, it doesn’t tend to preform very well late game, so you’ve got to be aggressive with it.


  • x2 Power Overwhelming
  • x2 Abusive Sergeant
  • x2 Zombie Chow
  • x1 Darkbomb
  • x1 Dire Wolf Alpha
  • x2 Haunted Creeper
  • x1 Ironbeak Owl
  • x2 Mistress of Pain
  • x2 Nerubian Egg
  • x1 Big Game Hunter

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  • x1 Earth Ring Farseer
  • x1 Imp-losion
  • x2 Shadowflame
  • x1 Dark Iron Dwarf
  • x2 Defender of Argus
  • x2 Voidcaller
  • x1 Antique Healbot
  • x2 Doomguard
  • x1 Floating Watcher
  • x1 Sylvanas Windrunner


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